Description and Application

Our HP Graphite electrodes are mainly suitable for burning furnace holes in submerged arc furnaces when they are out of the furnace, and are mostly used in metal silicon furnaces and calcium carbide furnaces. The main material is made of petroleum coke and asphalt
Diameter: ф100, 150, 200, 300, 350.
Length:   ф100 length 1300-16500mmф150-350 length 1750-1850mm.

HP Grade Graphite Electrodes with 8TPI male/female Threads
Diameter 100mm +/- 0.5mm
Length 1600 +/- 100mm
Resistivity <7.2 μΩM
Bending Strength >10 Mpa
Elastic Density < 12Gpa
Bulk Density > 1.65g/cm³
CTE: 10-6/℃ < 2.5
Ash < 0.3%